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As a letting agent or property manager you will be expected by your clients to have a full and detailed knowledge of all legal matters relating to letting.

Can you deliver?

The Landlord-Law site, written and run by specialist landlord & tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson, can serve as a useful reference tool, in addition to your other professional organisations and support services.

Plus you can always ask 'quick questions' in the forum about those niggling issues ...

Tessa Shepperson

Landlord Law was conceived, written and devised, for you, by specialist landlord & tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson


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Here are some of the services you will have at your fingertips as a Landlord Law member:

  • FAQ

    Answers to common questions writen in an easy no nonsense style

  • Articles

    More ‘in depth’ analysis of those tricky areas of law and practice

  • Tenancy agreements

    Save time by re-using your data with our unique ‘document generator’

  • Members forum

    Ask  me (Tessa) quick questions on the things that bother you

  • Documents & Forms

    Detailed guidance to make sure you get them right

  • Video help

    Explanatory videos & footage from our Conferences (+plus members only)

  • Monthly Training

    Monthly training webinars with Industry experts to keep you up to date

  • Telephone help

    Pay extra telephone advice available – or  join as an annual +plus member & get one free

Explore some of the special features of Landlord Law by clicking the + sign on the boxes below :

The Tenancy Agreements Service +

The Tenancy Agreements Service

Forget confusing, jargon stuffed tenancy agreements you don’t understand.  Ours are all written in a plain English style so everyone knows where they stand – and tenants love them.

Regularly updated, they provide for contact via managing agents and include useful clauses for example regarding right to rent checks and service of documents via email.

During your membership period you get unlimited use of all our different templates including:

  • A ‘bog standard’ AST
  • A residential landlord tenancy
  • A company let
  • A tenancy for a room in a shared house
  • Tenancies where the landlord pays the bills

So you should be able to find the right one for you

Also included are:

  • A deed of guarantee (plus many of the tenancy templates incorporate a guarantee)
  • A renewal form

Create tenancy agreements using our unique ‘document generator’ – allowing you to make your own tenancy agreement online (with a limited amount of customisation).

The system then stores all your documents on our servers allowing you to go back and  reuse the document information later.  A great saving of time!

Put your business in a good light by using clear and easy to understand tenancy agreements and forms.

"my tenants were full of praise for the clear, readable language of your AST." GM, Landlord"

The Rent Arrears Action Plan +

The Rent Arrears Action Plan

Detailed guidance on dealing with tenants in arrears of rent from day one.  Includes

  • Draft letters and forms
  • Explanations of the relevant laws - plus background information (eg on tenants seeking to be re-housed by the Local Authority)
  • Possession notices – discussed in context
  • How to draft a schedule of arrears to use in Court
  • Checklists

Help your landlords deal with the worrying problem of rent arrears.  If  tenants still fail to pay, there is also our DIY Eviction Guide (+plus members only)

If you would like  support and guidance on dealing with non payment tenants  – this service is for you!

"The eviction pack worked exceptionally well, and saved me a fortune in solicitors fees. It was the best £96 I have ever spent!"  Stuart Hebditch, Landlord

Letting agent dismissal guide +

The Letting Agent Dismissal Guide

Even though you ARE a letting agent – this can still  be helpful, for example if landlords want you to take over from another agency.  Topics covered include:

  • The agency contract – the things to look for
  • Common situations and what to do about them
  • Agents commission – are they entitled to it?
  • Whether the landlord is entitled to end the agreement now and if so how to do it
  • Whether you need to use solicitors

As disputes vary widely we cannot cover ALL situations but you will find the guide very helpful.

If you want to assist new customers change over to use your service – this section will help

Training Services +

Training services

Most months we will arrange for a training webinar with a housing specialist.  The webinar will be on an important area of law and practice and will be recorded.  So if you miss the webinar you will be able to view it later in the training section.

There are also the following training discounts for members:

  • 20% discount coupon for our annual Landlord Law Conference
  • 10% general discount for Easy Law  Training events and online products

Note that these coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and places at events are subject to availability.

Make sure you are up to date with the law with our training services!

Which Possession Proceedings Trail +

The Which Possession Proceedings Trail

Find out by question and answer what to do in any given situation  – ideal to help you advise landlords

You will be presented with a series of questions – just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as appropriate to be guided to the right answer for your situation.

Its almost like having Tessa sitting next to you!

Use this for research to help advise your customers – they will thank you for this

Possession notices & other forms +

Possession notices & other forms

You will find the standard possession notices on the site and will be able to create them using our ‘document generator’ service.  Covering letters also available.

You will also find guidance on serving the notices.  Our notices have been used in countless repossession claims and ‘work’.

There are also have a number of other useful letters and forms for you to use including:

  • A letter of authority for housing benefit tenants
  • A section 48 notice
  • A notice of increase of rent
  • Notifications regarding meter reading

We will usually add a notice or form on request – many of our current forms are there as a result of member feedback

Correct paperwork is important, particularly with possession notices.  You may be liable to your landlords if you get these wrong.

DIY Eviction Guide +

The DIY Eviction Guide

Detailed guidance on eviction procedures – so you can advice your customers (although any actual legal work or drafting should only be done by landlords acting in person or their solicitors).  Covers:

  • Section 21 claims
  • Rent arrears claims
  • Unregulated / common law tenancies

Guidance includes:

  • Things you need to consider before you start
  • How to fill in the forms (with pictures)
  • What happens next
  • Attending Court (where necessary)
  • Avoiding problem situations
  • Instructing the Court Bailiffs

There is also an advocacy service where a professional advocate will attend at court and address the Judge  for a payment of £180.

100′s of landlords have used our DIY Guide to evict their tenants.  One to one support available if you need it.

“Just to let you know we used your kit for the accelerated possession and it all worked out fine – and we now have our property back…….THANK YOU” Sally Keaveny, Landlord

Help your landlords save money and get things done right with this helpful guide!

Monthly Newsletter +

Monthly Newsletter

When you join you will automatically be signed up to our monthly newsletter as part of your service.  This will:

  • Notify you of new recent new content on Landlord Law
  • Keep you informed of any changes in the law that you need to know about
  • Notify you of any new products and services and any special offers which may be of interest to you.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time (although it is not recommended)

Keep yourself informed with our regular Newsletter

Answers to some 'frequently asked questions':

  • q-iconCan you tell me a bit more about your credentials?

    I qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and ran my own specialist landlord & tenant law firm, TJ Shepperson, for nearly 20 years.  I closed this in 2013 to concentrate on Landlord Law and my separate training business.  I am fairly well respected in the industry.

  • q-iconIf I need to cancel, what do I do?

    You can cancel and get a full refund provided you let us know within 30 days of first joining as a member.  Refunds after that are at our discretion. You can also get a full refund if you notify us within 7 days of your recurring payment

  • q-iconDoes your service cover Scotland and Northern Ireland?

    No, those areas have different legal systems.  Neither do we cater for landlords elsewhere, eg in American or Australia (apart from ex pat landlords) .  This site is only relevant for property in England & Wales UK.

  • q-iconDo you deal with commercial property & long leases?

    We specialise in short residential tenancies, for example assured shorthold tenancies, and so we do not cover shops and offices or leases of over 7 years.  Neither do we cover agricultural tenancies. However our associated solicitors Anthony Gold can advise in these areas.

  • q-iconCan you act as my solicitor, for example in evicting tenants?

    If you need a solicitor, housing specialists Anthony Gold are associated with Landlord Law and will be happy to act for you.  As I closed my law firm in 2013, I no longer take on solicitors work, although I still provide some ‘one to one’ advice services to members

  • q-iconDo you give tax advice?

    This is a site for legal information and so does not cover tax advice.  Neither can we offer any financial services. Customers are advised to speak to their accountants for tax advice.

  • q-iconDo you offer a membership service for businesses?

    Yes, if you have several staff members who will need to use the site, there is our Premium membership.  You can read about this >> here (the page will open in a new tab or window).  Current Premium Members find it very useful for staff training.

  • q-iconCan I see your terms and conditions?

    Yes, Landlord Law membership is subject to the terms and conditions you will find >> here (the page will open in a new tab or window)

If you wake up in the night worrying about a tricky landlord & tenant related problem and can't sleep - most times you will find the answer on Landlord Law. If not - pop a question on the members forum - I try to answer questions within 24 hours.

Take a look at what some of our members have to say about Landlord Law:

Joining Landlord Law as a Landlord was probably the best decision I ever made -

I now have 2 successful Letting Agencies and I would not be where I am now if I had not made that decision back then.

Diana Maratty, Oak Estates Letting Agent

Landlord Law is a comprehensive and reliable reference site for all agents, landlords and tenants. Tessa and her team are very approachable and make even complicated legal matters easy to understand. We recommend their service for anybody considering renting or letting residential property.

Jan Hunter, director Knight Property Management

We found using landlord law to be good value for money, quick and effective

Robert and Jessica Pineflat Ltd, London

A totally excellent site, full of things that I didn't know

Nick Dardalis Letting agent

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    You don’t have to stay a member – you can cancel after just one month if you like.  Or join for one month to see how you like the service and then upgrade later (the +plus membership is more economic long  term).  But monthly membership is under £0.83p per day – which is not a lot for peace of mind …

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