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trans.fwThank you for  deciding to use our Eviction Special membership! If you do not want to use the automatic process you can apply for membership via this page and we will activate it manually.

Please complete the following information.  You will then be directed to a page where you can make payment.

  • Be careful - we will normally contact you by email so this needs to be correct
  • We will not normally contact you by phone but it is useful sometimes if we need to speak to you urgently about your membership and cannot contact you via email
  • We do not normally contact you much by post save invoicing
    You will find our terms and conditions >> here (the page will open in a new tab or window)
    If more than one applies, select the one which is most relevent to your application
  • Please use this box if there are any other comments you want to make as part of your application, to to provide extra information for one of the answers above
    If you want to pay by BACS or cheque please select the invoice option.

    If you select the invoice option, feel free to change your mind and pay online later if you prefer.

  • What happens now?

    Thank you for completing the form. I suggest you now check it carefully and then click the submit button below.

    This will take you to a page where you can make payment. If you do this, I will activate your membership as soon as I can and send off your login details to you..

    If you prefer to pay by BACS or cheque, I will draw up an invoice and send it over to you. Your membership will then be activated once payment has been received.

    Once your membership has been activated I will give you a link to a page where you can provide information about your situation so we can set up the telephone advice call and get your claim underway.

    Tessa Shepperson
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