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A special service if you just want to evict your tenant

Get the cost savings which come with our DIY Guide together with one-to-one support from me, Tessa Shepperson, to help you get it right

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Lets tackle your eviction problem together ...

Immediately after you have joined, you will  be asked to complete a questionnaire giving details of your case.

As soon as this has been sent to me and I have received copies of your documents, we will schedule a time for you to discuss your situation with me, so we can sort out a plan of action.

I will then draw up a detailed 'step by step' plan for you, listing what you will need to do and giving links to the relevant sections or pages on Landlord Law.

This will be emailed over to you so you can refer to it during the eviction proceedings.

Tessa Shepperson
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Our Guarantee to You

If the initial telephone advice call shows that you have a valid case and provided you have provided all relevant information, and carefully followed the advice given in the plan of action and in the online DIY Guide – then we guarantee that you will either get your order for possession, or an  equally satisfactory outcome (such as payment of all or most of any rent arrears) – or we will refund your membership fee.

Five reasons why using the Landlord Law DIY Eviction Service is BETTER than using solicitors

  • 1

    You will save money

    This is the obvious benefit - if you use solicitors to do all the work, you are unlikely to see much change from £1,000. And it may cost you more. However the other benefits will in the long term probably be more important ...

  • 2

    You will be able to do it quicker and better than many 'experts'

    Its true! Many so called experts are nothing of the sort. By using the Landlord Law service you will learn to do it yourself, properly and efficiently. Evictions are not hard to do do long as you are careful. NO-ONE has as much incentive to do as good job as you do!

  • 3

    It will help to make you a better landlord

    By going through this process you will learn so much about how landlord and tenant law works - you will be able to tackle any future issues AND deal with difficult tenants with much more confidence

  • 4

    You will know what to do if you ever need to evict a tenant again

    Once you have learned and understand how evictions work, you will always be able to do it yourself - or if you decide to use solicitors, you will understand what they are doing so will be able to supervise them better!

  • 5

    This will send a message to your other tenants

    If you let more than one property, the fact that you have acted swiftly to resolve things will let your other tenants know that you are not to be messed with. This may result in prompter rent payments ...

Your Eviction Special Membership includes the following

  • Initial advice

    As soon as you have joined you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire and send relevant paperwork so we can arrange a telephone advice call with me to discuss your case, in depth.  This will allow me to check whether there are any issues which need to be resolved first, or whether you can proceed immediately to bringing your claim for possession.

  • Plan of Action

    After our discussion, I will then draw up a plan of action for you to follow when bringing your claim for possession.  This will set out any preliminary stages you will need to deal with and will link to relevant pages on the Landlord Law site and elsewhere.  This will be your guide throughout the eviction process.

  • Telephone advice

    You will be entitled to a further three telephone advice calls with me, to deal with any problems that might arise during the eviction process.  For example if you want me to take a look at your eviction paperwork or if the tenant puts in a defence which you do not know how to deal with

  • Nine months membership

    Your Eviction Special membership will be for a period of nine months – normally it will not take as long as this to evict your tenant but you never know.  Unlike most membership types, there is no automatic recurring payment set up.  However if you decide you want to renew your membership you will be given information on how to do this at that time.

Along with these other regular Landlord Law features:

  • Possession notices

    If you need to serve (or re-serve) an eviction notice, you can create these easily using our special ‘document generator’ system. We have notices for section 21, section 8 rent arrears claims and old style Notices to Quit plus covering letters.

  • The DIY Eviction Guide

    Your membership will give you access to all of our eviction help content which includes detailed guidance on how to bring a standard claim for possession through the Courts

  • Advocacy Service

    Not all eviction claims involve a court hearing, but if yours does, for an additional £180 you can use our Advocacy Service. This is highly recommended particularly for rent arrears claims – a good advocate can often save the day if the tenant turns up with an unexpected defence.

  • All the other Landlord Law Content

    As well as the support and DIY Eviction Guide, you will also get access to all the other Landlord Law services, such as the tenancy agreements, letters service and FAQ, plus you can ask me questions in the forum

Some 'Frequently Asked Questions'

  • q-iconWhat if my initial telephone consultation lasts more than 1/2 hour?

    I won’t put a stop watch on you! Most people do not need more than 30 – 45 minutes. However if the call lasts more than 1 hour, I reserve the right to offset one of your remaining advice calls.

  • q-iconCan your service be used for ALL types of eviction?

    It can be used for all the ‘standard’ evictions such as section 21 and for rent arrears (and also for some ‘common law’ evictions). However if these options are not available to you, or if your claim is likely to be defended, you should use solicitors. See also the item on cancellation below.

  • q-iconHow do I set up the advice calls?

    Just email me and let me know and I will contact you and arrange a time. Advice calls can be by phone or by Skype. All our telephone advice is on the basis that you ring us (and pay the call charges) so if (for example) you are abroad, Skype will be cheaper for you.

  • q-iconWhat happens at the end of my membership period?

    Unlike most other Landlord Law membership types, the Eviction Special is a ‘one off’ membership. At the end of the nine months, your membership will just end automatically. However you will be able to extend your membership with our ‘one click’ form if you want to – we will email you details about this nearer the time.

  • q-iconWhat if I decide that the service is not suitable for me?

    You can cancel and get a full refund if you do this within 30 days and before the initial advice call. If we decide during the advice call that the service is not suitable for you, then provided this is within the first 30 days of your membership, you can cancel your membership, and I will refund your payment less £115 for the advice call & administration. If any other work has been done, the cost of that will also be deducted (e.g. if I have done the action plan the cost of  is £180). Refunds after 30 days are at my discretion – save where our guarantee applies.

  • q-iconI have already started proceedings and it has all gone wrong - can you help?

    In this situation you are probably best going straight to solicitors or to Landlord Action. See the information on >> this page. There are generally big delays when things go wrong (and solicitors fees can be expensive) which is why it is worth taking the trouble to get things done correctly from the start. If you want to discuss things with me, probably the non members telephone advice service will be best for you.

Not sure or want more information?

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>> Click here for more information generally about the DIY Eviction Guide,

>> Click here to find out more about Landlord Law membership generally

>> Click here for our terms and conditions - which apply to all membership types.

>> Click here for the terms and conditions which apply to the 'one to one' advice element of the membership.


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Membership fee

The membership fee is £420 (which is £350 + VAT)

You get a reduction of nearly 40% off the full price (+ the other 4 benefits discussed above).

(Note that when bringing your claim you will also need to pay a fee to the court)

  • 9 months +Plus membership - worth £150
  • 4 x telephone advice - total value at normal membership prices - £360
  • Action plan - worth £180
  • Total value - £690
  • You pay £420

Are  you still not sure?

I don't want you to sign up if it is not right for you. Here are a few other things you might be thinking, with my comments:

  • I'm scared of making a mistake and messing it all up

    It can be tricky but that is why I have set up this special membership with inbuilt support. Most people, once that have had some initial advice and know what they are doing, find the procedure fairly straight forward. The initial analysis is key. But you get that as part of your membership with the Eviction Special

  • My tenants are too clever and devious

    The eviction procedure is formulaic – provided (and this is essential) you get the formula right, your tenant will, in most cases, not be able to defeat your claim. I’m clever and devious too – when I did this work I had very few cases go wrong. And I almost always got the property back for my clients.

  • My tenants keep telling me that they are going to pay soon

    Well they would, wouldn’t they, if it’s going to stop you evicting them! And do you really want them as tenants any more, anyway? Non paying tenants are serious bad news. After all you presumably still have YOUR outgoings to pay??

  • I may do this but I'm not sure I want to do it now

    Fair enough, but do remember that it can take up to six months or more to get a possession order through the courts. If they are not paying rent, you could lose a lot of money. Are you happy for your tenants to live in your property rent free? Because in my experience landlords rarely recover the unpaid rent ….

If you are happy to proceed - here's what you do now:

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  • You will get your login details, and a receipted VAT invoice, and information about arranging your first advice call
  • These will all be sent out to you automatically (to the email address provided by you) via the system and should arrive within a few minutes
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I want to join online

I became a subscriber of Landlord Law/Tessa Shepperson when my tenant went into arrears. The tenant arrears and eviction kits really helped me to understand what I should not do, what I needed to do and in what order and the document templates were really important in getting me started in the right way.

I could not have managed without this clear step by step process. It really did clear away the fog. It truly turned a daunting prospect into a manageable task.

But importantly I learned a lot more about being a landlord and the law during this whole process.

Deryn Gray Landlord

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