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Landlord Law provide an excellent service. Very easy to work with, responding in a timely manor with floods of information. Since signing up with Tessa we have been able to provide our Landlords with a greatly improved service and we would highly recommend them!

ElliottLee, Letting Agents and Landlord Law Premium Members
  • 12 telephone /skype advice calls pa (+ discount for extra calls)
  • Private online forum area for you & your staff
  • Initial 'getting to know you' training session
  • Valuable bonus items, and
  • Generous discounts for you and your staff with Easy Law Training Events

Do you feel you need more support in your business?

The business of renting property is highly regulated - when problems arise, you need help fast.  Getting it wrong could have serious consequences for you.

Landlord Law Premium is here for you: - see below the details of the sevice we offer:

Joining Landlord Law as a Landlord was probably the best decision I ever made –

I now have 2 successful Letting Agencies and I would not be where I am now if I had not made that decision back then.

Diana Maratty Oak Estates

What's included with Premium:

Here's what you will get as part of your Premium membership:

  • A private forum area

    With your own private forum, you will get complete confidentiality and all the support that you and your staff need.  So you will not have to worry about asking questions in a public arena. Tessa (or one of her staff) will aim to answer your forum queries within 1 working day.

  • 12 telephone / skype advice calls

    These can be taken at any time during your membership period.  Calls must be booked in advance and can last up to one hour. If needed, further advice calls can be bought at the special price of £50 each (£41.67 + VAT) – normal members price is £90.

  • Introductory online training

    At the start of your membership period we will arrange an online training session with Tessa Shepperson, to introduce you and your staff to the Landlord Law site. We can also discuss any pressing issues you have and look at how the Landlord Law service can help.

  • Up to 3 extra membership accounts for your staff

    Included are up to three staff membership accounts* with access to your private forum area, and all the Landlord Law +Plus membership benefits – tenancy agreements, FAQ, the Eviction DIY Guide, and our special interactive Q&A sections.

*Landlord Law Premium Service is intended for small agencies and professional landlords with a modest staff.  However, if you need access to the forum and Landlord Law site for more staff members, please contact us for a quotation.

You Will Also Receive These Bonus Items:

The following are also included as part of your membership:

  • The Gas Access Kit

    What to do if your tenants won’t let you in to do the annual gas inspection.  Step by step guidance – which could save you thousands in legal fees.

  • Changing Tenants Kit

    If one of joint tenants wants to leave early – how do you deal with this?  This kit lays out the options in a simple step by step guide.

  • The Deposit Error Repair Kit

    Have you forgotten to protect the deposit, or protected it late?  This kit explains what needs to be done.

Here is a list of the ebooks you will receive on joining:

  • Landlord Law Essentials - the E Book
  • The Novice Guide to Court Hearings
  • Foundations of Landlord & Tenant Law
  • NB Some books have been withdrawn as they are being updated to take account of legal changes

You will also receive generous discounts on training:

It is important in today's industry to keep up to date with legal changes - and indeed to have a good grasp of legal issues generally.

Tessa's training service Easy Law Training regularly runs workshops on different aspects of law and practice, as well as annual conferences.

All speakers are experts and are either qualified solicitors or barristers or experienced housing trainers.

The following substantial discounts are available for Landlord Law Premium members:

Discounts on training services from Easy Law Training

  • 20% discount off all workshops
  • Two Landlord Law Conference places at 50% discount
  • 30% discount off all online training courses


Places at the workshops and conference are subject to availability - we recommend these be booked early to avoid disappointment.

Note that these special prices cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.


Here is a review of everything you will get with your Premium Membership:

  • GoToMeeting or skype advice

    12 free advice sessions pa plus additional advice calls at 50% off the normal price

  • Private forum area

    For you and your staff to discuss issues in confidence and get advice

  • Introductory training

    An online training session with Tessa to introduce you and your staff to our service

  • Bonus items

    Free access to other online services and ebooks created by Tessa

  • Generous discounts on training

    20% off all Easy Law Training workshops + two 1 day Conference places 50% off

  • Access for your staff

    Up to three staff membership are included with access to your private forum + the Landlord Law site.

A reminder of some of the services which come as part of the Landlord Law +plus membership:

  • Tenancy Agreements

    There are over 30 templates.  If you want special clauses you can request these in your private forum.

  • DIY Eviction Guide

    100’s (it could be 1000’s) of landlords have used this to get their eviction order.  We can give 1:1 support in your forum if you have tricky questions

  • Conference videos

    You will get the 2013 – 2015 Conference videos on Landlord Law – useful for staff training.

  • The Rent Arrears Action Plan

    Detailed guidance on what to do if tenants fail to pay rent – with letters and checklists. Covers possession notices and advice on eviction

  • The Letting Agent Dismissal Guide

    Useful for agents to help landlords wanting to transfer from another agent.

  • Online information

    Look up the answers to legal issues 24/7 in our extensive legal FAQ and articles

Landlord Law is written and run by specialist landlord & tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson - so you can trust it to be right

Tessa is an absolute STAR!!

Rex Oratokhai, Landlord

Fees for the Premium Service

The Premium Service costs £2,250 for one year, inclusive of VAT - ( ie £1,875 + £375 VAT)

You can also pay by 12 monthly instalments of £240 (£200 + £40 VAT).  Making a total cost of £2,880 (£2,400.00 + VAT).

Note however that if you sign up for the instalment program you are contracting for the full year and the contract is not cancellable after the first 30 days.

It is also a condition of the instalment option that you pay either by standing order or by credit/debit card subscription.



In a Nutshell:

  • £2250 pa, or
  • 12 monthly payments of £240 (total £2,880 for the year)
  • You can cancel during the 1st 30 days

Some 'frequently asked questions'

  • q-iconTessa, can you tell me a bit more about your credentials?

    I qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and ran my own specialist landlord & tenant law firm, TJ Shepperson, for nearly 20 years. However, I closed my law firm in 2013 to concentrate on Landlord Law and my separate training business.

  • q-iconIf I need to cancel, what do I do?

    You can cancel your one year Landlord Law Premium membership provided you let us know within 30 days of the start of your Premium Membership.  You cannot cancel after the first 30 days save at our discretion.

  • q-iconWill you refund my payment if I cancel within the 30 days?

    Yes, we will refund your payment and cancel your membership of Landlord Law (and access to any bonus services).  However, we reserve the right to offset the full cost of any telephone advice given and if you have booked any Easy Law Training courses you will be liable for the full price rather than the special Premium Members price.

  • q-iconHow long will the telephone advice calls be for?

    I will not put a stop watch on you and will generally talk to you for as long as it takes – up to about 1 hour.

  • q-iconHow does the forum advice system work?

    Just post your question online and it will normally be answered within 24 hours.  Note however that the forum is intended for fairly ‘quick questions’ rather than long complicated issues – these are best dealt with in the telephone advice. Our t&c limit forum questions to 15 per month but we will try to answer more if needed.

  • q-iconCan you act for us in disputes?

    The Landlord Law service provides advice not representation.  However if you need representation, our associated solicitors Anthony Gold will be delighted to help and for court hearings there is our advocacy service provided by Ashley Taylor (although the cost of these are not covered by your Premium Membership).

Please also see the special Premium Membership terms and conditions (section 12B) - the link will open in a new window or tab.

Note also that as this service involves a lot of 'one to one' advice from Tessa, the number of Premium Memberships that we can support at any one time are strictly limited.


If you want to  join - here's what you do now:

  • Click the big orange button below
  • This will take you to our application form which you need to complete
  • If your application is accepted, we will then invoice you for the service
  • You can elect to pay either the full price of £2,250 now or
  • By 12 instalments of £240 (total cost £2,880)
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Landlord Law provide an excellent service. Very easy to work with, responding in a timely manor with floods of information. Since signing up with Tessa we have been able to provide our Landlords with a greatly improved service and we would highly recommend them!

ElliottLee, Letting Agents and Landlord Law Premium Members

Landlord Law membership is subject to our >> terms and conditions

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